Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Decline of Handwriting

I had read a little in recent times about the decline in handwriting, but it became much more in focus for me when I endeavoured to purchase writing sets as Christmas gifts, and found it almost impossible to find.  I was stunned to, to learn from shopping assistants that 'no one writes any more."

My grandchildren will get cards, note paper and envelopes and a request for them to write me a letter or two, but it has occurred to me that it is an art worth saving.  Don't we all like to get an envelope in the mail, hand written, and perhaps a note or card inside?

As I drove from Brisbane to Adelaide over the past few weeks I heard about a project and book called Women of Letters and searched for it on the Internet.  I have not seen the book, but I am not sure if the letters were typed or handwritten.  I suspect that they were 'typed' or printed from a computer, but I am keen to see some hand writing.

I have made a commitment to hand write more letters in 2013, and encourage others to do so.  It would be sad to see handwriting disappear.  There have been a number of articles written about the decline of handwriting, and I will list them below.

Today I walked around Hyde Park and Unley in Adelaide, and found wonderful examples of handwriting in these up market retailers.  Also in my walk around Unley I found a shop called Kikki.K with a great little writing set, though I was lucky to find it was on special.  Its original price I think was a bit much!!!  The pack included 4 small sheets, 2 envelopes and a small sheet of stickers, but I liked the text in the packaging "Take a moment to rediscover the joy of a handwritten letter."

I found a restaurant/cafe where all their menu is handwritten, and other retailers with hand written information in a number of retailers.  I was impressed.

I have decided that is one of my missions for 2013 is to promote hand writing letters - so if you know me, watch out for a handwritten note coming your way soon.

Examples of handwriting notes/notices in Unley.

Below are some of the articles about the decline of handwriting.

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These are just some of the many articles - Google "The Decline of Handwriting" for many more interesting articles.

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