Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Success - The Christmas Gift

I am wearing a big smile on my face today, as my Christmas gift to my four grandchildren has been a success.  I did send money, but also a pack of writing papers - and a letter about the value of handwriting.  When I phoned them last night - they were all at my daughter's place I was told they could not speak to me as they were all writing letters to me.  Success!!

Actually I did have short conversations with them all - but all told me that they could not speak with me as they were writing to tell me all about their Christmas.  When speaking with my daughter, I heard that the adults were all impressed with my gift, as I had inspired them (the grandchildren), as I had hoped, and that they had all spent a lot of time writing.   I understand the peace while writing was in progress was appreciated by the rest of the family too.

I can't wait to tell this to my niece, a school teacher, who is interested in my handwriting research and we have been talking about ideas to promote handwriting in Australia.

Funnily they send me note paper and a pen to write some of my travel stories!  What a Merry Christmas.

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