Saturday, December 22, 2012

Success at last

In my search for a quality inexpensive fountain pen has been a challenge, but I have in the end found a pen set that I am happy with.  After researching on the Internet, I visited Officeworks who do have quite a range of fountain pens, though roughly around the $50 mark, plus a Sheaffer Calligraphy set which has 3 different pens and a range of inks and nibs.  It did cost more than I was hoping to spend - but I 'bit the bullet' and got it anyway.

I have already tried writing with one of the pens and I am impressed!!!  Tomorrow I will practice a little more, and I have found a website which offers FREE Calligraphy lessons.   May my Christmas thank you's be written well with my new pens.  Practice, practice, practice.

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