Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Success - The Christmas Gift

I am wearing a big smile on my face today, as my Christmas gift to my four grandchildren has been a success.  I did send money, but also a pack of writing papers - and a letter about the value of handwriting.  When I phoned them last night - they were all at my daughter's place I was told they could not speak to me as they were all writing letters to me.  Success!!

Actually I did have short conversations with them all - but all told me that they could not speak with me as they were writing to tell me all about their Christmas.  When speaking with my daughter, I heard that the adults were all impressed with my gift, as I had inspired them (the grandchildren), as I had hoped, and that they had all spent a lot of time writing.   I understand the peace while writing was in progress was appreciated by the rest of the family too.

I can't wait to tell this to my niece, a school teacher, who is interested in my handwriting research and we have been talking about ideas to promote handwriting in Australia.

Funnily they send me note paper and a pen to write some of my travel stories!  What a Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Practice, Practice, Practice

I am impressed.  My handwriting, long neglected is not to bad (so I say myself!), but it flows easily though I confess to have forgotten how to do some letters, but I am busily practicing so that it will improve enough for my letters that I plan to write in 2013.

I love using my Sheaffer pens and have used all three nibs, but I have my favourite.  However, I will practice with all three.  I am not writing my letters yet, as I have more practice to do.

I am doing a lot of research on the subject and finding out so much.  It seems that Australia is really behind the eight ball with handwriting.  So many ideas are floating in my head....

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Success at last

In my search for a quality inexpensive fountain pen has been a challenge, but I have in the end found a pen set that I am happy with.  After researching on the Internet, I visited Officeworks who do have quite a range of fountain pens, though roughly around the $50 mark, plus a Sheaffer Calligraphy set which has 3 different pens and a range of inks and nibs.  It did cost more than I was hoping to spend - but I 'bit the bullet' and got it anyway.

I have already tried writing with one of the pens and I am impressed!!!  Tomorrow I will practice a little more, and I have found a website which offers FREE Calligraphy lessons.   May my Christmas thank you's be written well with my new pens.  Practice, practice, practice.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Love Letters

Reflecting on letters of love, I wonder if they are quite so romantic if not written by hand.  Having not received a love letter for many many years, I can only guess how young people communicate their love for each other.  I suspect that many are sent from mobile (cell) phone to another one.  I wonder if the receiver would keep the message on the phone forever?  Do those who receive them transfer them to a computer and print them out?

I do believe that letters of love are far more romantic written by hand, than in any other form, not forgetting those romantic messages delivered by someone with a great sense of imagination - thinking of sky writing (and a photo would be the way to keep a copy of such an event.)

I found an interesting website with copies of twelve hand written love letters, written by famous people.   Find the one above and others here.

Christmas Cards

Did you send Christmas Cards this year?   I certainly did, along with my end of year, Christmas newsletter.  My newsletter was printed as there were over 20 copies sent, but all cards had hand written messages inside and all envelopes were hand written.

At this time of the year there is more handwriting done in such cards, but I sadly learn that so many people do not send cards, choosing instead to send Christmas greetings via email, Facebook or similar.  Actually I have sent many messages via these messages too - but as I have many contacts, I choose to do this rather than send no greetings as many of my friends/acquaintances.  Not everyone I know would receive a card from me anyway.

Still, the postmen and women around Australia at least will be kept very busy this year.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Decline of Handwriting

I had read a little in recent times about the decline in handwriting, but it became much more in focus for me when I endeavoured to purchase writing sets as Christmas gifts, and found it almost impossible to find.  I was stunned to, to learn from shopping assistants that 'no one writes any more."

My grandchildren will get cards, note paper and envelopes and a request for them to write me a letter or two, but it has occurred to me that it is an art worth saving.  Don't we all like to get an envelope in the mail, hand written, and perhaps a note or card inside?

As I drove from Brisbane to Adelaide over the past few weeks I heard about a project and book called Women of Letters and searched for it on the Internet.  I have not seen the book, but I am not sure if the letters were typed or handwritten.  I suspect that they were 'typed' or printed from a computer, but I am keen to see some hand writing.

I have made a commitment to hand write more letters in 2013, and encourage others to do so.  It would be sad to see handwriting disappear.  There have been a number of articles written about the decline of handwriting, and I will list them below.

Today I walked around Hyde Park and Unley in Adelaide, and found wonderful examples of handwriting in these up market retailers.  Also in my walk around Unley I found a shop called Kikki.K with a great little writing set, though I was lucky to find it was on special.  Its original price I think was a bit much!!!  The pack included 4 small sheets, 2 envelopes and a small sheet of stickers, but I liked the text in the packaging "Take a moment to rediscover the joy of a handwritten letter."

I found a restaurant/cafe where all their menu is handwritten, and other retailers with hand written information in a number of retailers.  I was impressed.

I have decided that is one of my missions for 2013 is to promote hand writing letters - so if you know me, watch out for a handwritten note coming your way soon.

Examples of handwriting notes/notices in Unley.

Below are some of the articles about the decline of handwriting.

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These are just some of the many articles - Google "The Decline of Handwriting" for many more interesting articles.